What is Easy Access?

Easy Access is the newest and easy way to make your home accessible when you have type of disabilities. We not only provide the highest quality materials you can find on the market, but we also provide the highest quality service you will find in this industry. This is why we are the premier accessibility remodeler in the nation. We stand behind our values of providing the greatest customer service, the easiest process, and the greatest quality to all of our clients.

We stand behind our values of providing the greatest customer service, the easiest process, and the greatest quality to all of our clients. Our process is seamless and simple, so there’s no confusion. This is because we know that any type of remodel can get hectic and stressful. You will always know what is going on and why we are doing the things we are doing. You will be kept in the loop at all times and we are 100% transparent about everything. This includes our payment and time estimates. Everything, from the estimates to the payment, will be 100% accurate, so you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about when you place your order with us.



The first step that we take, in order for you to get the best results, is to take an assessment of what your exact needs are. This includes your disabilities, where exactly you need the assessability add-ons, and your budget.



The next step in our process is to make the modifications into a blueprint. This allows us to know how exactly it will work, and also allows you to be able to get an idea of how your accessibility remodel will look.



This is the last step to our process and it's the most important part. The construction. This is also what makes us different from our competitors. We only provide the highest quality work and materials for your remodel.



Our Recommendation of Houston Trainer

Here’s another personal trainer that we recommend. His name is Brice Remaley and he’s located in Houston. He has over 15 years of experience when it comes to training and after talking with him for a couple of minutes it shows. He’s probably the most knowledgeable person we’ve met along the way. That’s why if you’re looking for a Houston fitness trainer he’s you guy. Now you may want more information on what exactly he does and how you can help you, so here you go:


Something that Brice is very keen on is flexibility. He wants to make sure that all his clients are more flexible than before, after working with him. This is great for anyone of you guys who have some sort of hip or joint disability. Again, this is something that will help please your doctors.

Functional Training

Now, if you’re looking for a trainer in Houston then you might want to think about functional training. This is because when you have a disability you want to become stronger, but stronger at everyday movements; not bench press, squats, ect. This is something that Brice specializes in. He only wants to work on making your day to day life easier and this is exactly what this training style will do.


If you’re curious as to what functional training means, then think about it this way. Instead of training to make one plane of movement stronger, you’re working on making an overall movement stronger. For example, you’re training to make it easier for you to get up after sitting down, or even make it easier for you to go upstairs.

His Experience

I mentioned his experience and how long he’s been training people for, but that just doesn’t do it justice. He has helped many people you have disabilities or just trouble due to older age. With that being said, he knows exactly what to do to help with your particular issue. This is something that is a must when you have a disability and the sad part is, is that most trainers won’t do this. Most will just put you through a typical workout that they use for every single client they have.


We all have bad days and Brice understands that. That’s why he makes his scheduling so painless. If you’re having an issue on the day of your session you can just text or call him and he’ll be more than glad to reschedule you. There is no sort of fee associated with it and he completely understands.


With all that being said, Brice is probably the go to personal trainer in Houston and you want to start feeling better. No matter the disability Brice is there for you through the whole thing. He just cares about making everyone he works with feel better and get stronger. If you decide to go with him, let him know that you found him through us, Easy Access, and he’ll make sure you get a great deal. After all, you don’t want to have to break the bank to feel better than you ever have.


Making Life Easier on a Budget

We understand that getting a complete remodel of a home can cost a TON. That’s why so many people don’t do it. That’s also the reason so many people still struggle while living alone. It’s difficult to care for yourself when you can’t even use your home to its fullest potential. So, before you get terrified that you won’t be able to get your home more manageable to you here is a quick list of products that cost far less and are just as effective.


Portable Ramp


A portable ramp will do exactly the same thing as replacing your stairs up to your house, and by that we mean that it will make them into a usable ramp. They are far cheaper and will get the job done. All you have to do is place it over the steps and there you go, you have a usable ramp. It sounds so easy, yet so many people don’t even think about using them.




I know that no one wants to ever have to use these, but they are extremely helpful if you don’t have the funds to lower your cabinets. All it does is allows you to reach and get to places that you’re weren’t able to get to before. Those bags in your cabinets you just can’t reach are now reachable. You have to remember, it’s the simple things that makes life a lot easier.


If you have any questions about these products please contact us and we’ll direct you to the right place. We’ll also be updating this frequently as we find more products that might be helpful.


Living Alone with Disabilities

If you found our site then you probably have some sort of disability and more than likely live alone. It can be tough living alone and not being able to do everything for yourself. However, there are obviously ways to cope with it and make it easier than ever. We here at Easy Access want to help you feel more comfortable in your home. With that being said, here are some ways to make your living situation easier.


Getting Your Home Renovated to Help You

The first thing we suggest, is also the thing that we do very well, is to get your home renovated. We know it can be a costly thing to do, but if you do have the funds for it you should definitely do it.
This can mean a wide range of this, but typically what it is, is changing things that make you struggle day to day. Here are a few examples:

  • Adding a ramp: If you’re in a wheelchair or just have trouble walking upstairs then this is what you need. Typically what we do, and other contractor, is we destroy to stairs and ad the ramp. As simple as it sounds it can get quite complicated. What we do is, we make sure the angle the ramp is set to is a comfortable fit for you. The complication comes when there are hills or trees in the way. This is very common and it is something that can be worked around very easily.
  • Removing upper cabinets: Again, if you’re in a wheel chair or have any kind of upper body disability you may never use your upper cabinets in your home, so you may ask “why do I need them?”. This is exactly what you should be asking because you don’t need them. They’re just a wasted space and unusable storage. What would happen is, you cabinets would get taken down and new storage would be installed closer to the ground. This gives you the same amount of storage while allowing it to be accessible to you.
  • Adding a seat or door to your shower: A lot of people who have a tub/shower combo will have an issue getting over the edge. This is where the door comes into play. A simple door would be added to the edge to allow easiness to open and to allow the water to stay in the tub. The other option, if you have a shower, is to get a chair. Standing for a long period of time may no longer be as easy as it once was and sitting down in the shower may not seem like an option. Well it is! It’s quite simple and you don’t even need a contractor to do it if you’re willing to sacrifice for appearance.

Getting Life Alert or Alternatives

You may have seen the many commercials for life alert and such and there’s a good reason for it, it works! It gives you the security of having someone right next to you when you need them. You never have to worry about being home alone and something happening it you. If you fall, they’ll be right there. If you have any kind of heart attack, they’ll be right there. This is the best option if you live alone no matter what. The last thing anyone wants to have you in a bad situation without the ability to contact help.

Alarm System

The last thing that is crucial is an alarm system. People with disabilities are about 42% more likely to get robbed than anyone else. This is due to the nature of being disabled. You can’t do much to stop someone because of your disability. With that being said, don’t let that stop you from fighting back! Get an alarm system ASAP and let them know about your disabilities and that you live alone. The more information your security company has of you the better.


All of us here at Easy Access hope that you have implemented these tips or are going to in the future. The last thing we want, or your family wants, is for you to get hurt or taken advantage of. We hope this article was helpful for you and we hope you live the life you want with the ease you want!


Our Recommendation of a Lubbock Personal Trainer

cardinal-fitnessIf you’re looking for an accessibility renovation then you probably have some sort of disability that could benefit from a personal trainer. If you’re located in the Lubbock, Texas area then you have a great choice. That being Cardinal’s fitness. Cardinal’s fitness is a local Lubbock personal trainer. They work with anyone from people who work out regularly to total beginners.


What exactly can they do for you?

Well, they can help you build strength to your trouble areas. If you have knee problems then they can help you safely build leg strength. This will help with your knee issues and help you walk more comfortably.


What are the other benefits?

You’ll be keeping your heart healthy, as well as keeping your strength. By working out regularly and safely you’ll keep your strength and strengthen your weak points. You’ll also become more heart healthy by keeping your heart rate higher.


You’ll keep your doctor happy

Your doctor may have been telling you to start to workout. Like most people, you may have put it off because it is quite hard to stay motivated. This is exactly what they great coaches at Cardinal’s fitness will do for you. They’ll keep you motivated and give you a great workout to give you exactly what you need.


They’re experienced

The trainers at Cardinal’s have years of experience and schooling behind their practice. They have ran into almost every situation and know exactly what to do to get the job done. That being said, they know what will work best to help you out with your health problem.


They have options

They also have different options when it comes to the workout style. They have group classes were you’ll be working out with other people. If this isn’t what you’re looking for they also have private classes were you’re one on one with your trainer. This is a little bit more costly, but you’ll get the personalization you want.


If you’re in the Lubbock, Texas area and need to get your doctor off your back or just need to keep your strength then look no further than Cardinal’s Fitness. They’ll give you exactly what you need to get the job done. Also, don’t’ forget to tell them that Easy Access sent you there because you’ll receive a 25% discount off of your first session.


*Also, if you need any type of accessibility renovation don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you live your life like you should, and by that we mean without having to struggle to live in your home day to day.


How to Choose an Accessibility Renovator

You’ve realized that you are no longer able to do the things you used to be able to do. This could mean anything, but if you’re looking for an accessibility renovator it’s a bit more specific. Taking a shower may be a bit of a challenge now, you may no longer be able to cook because you’re now in a wheelchair, or you may need a ramp to your front door. For all of these, and more, you’re looking for the right person.


Now, that you’re looking for someone to do some sort of renovation for you, you have to look for someone who will do the right work for you. This can be the toughest decision. There are so many choices out there, so how do you know who too work with and who may not be the best.

Customer Service

When it comes to us the first thing we try to provide before anything else is the best customer service possible. This is something we believe is a must when you are looking for anyone to work with.


When working with any company you should see how you’re treated before working with them. The worst thing that you can let happen to you is being treated poorly while paying good money for a renovation. The thing you need to remember is that they’re working for you and not vise versa. They need you as a customer and you can very easily leave for another company who knows how to treat their customers right.


Quality is something that is a must. The last thing that you want to happen is for your renovation to start coming apart a few months later or even a few years later. This is something that we’re really keen on. We never take short cuts when it comes to our materials or construction. We also make sure to inspect every day before we continue the construction to make sure nothing is out of place.


When you’re starting to work with a new contractor make sure you ask as many questions as possible about their materials, processes, and the way they inspect. Take down a list of the materials they use and research them. See if the wood they use is high quality and the process they use is the best standard.


Most companies that use the best processes will have some sort of assessment with you to make sure that they do what is best for your needs. They’ll ask about your difficulties, disabilities, ect. Based on their knowledge they’ll create a plan that’ll make your home the most accessible to you.


The last thing you should look into is the cost. If the cost seems a bit too good to be true then it might be. However, this could always be wrong. Make sure to check with their past clients and look at their past work. Don’t stop there, ask for photos of their work years later to see if it has changed at all.


While you don’t want to pay nothing and receive a bad job, you also don’t want to pay too much and receive the same bad job. Look around and get quotes from everyone and make the contractors compete for you business. This will give you the best possible price, as well as the best possible renovation.


With all of that being said Easy Access provides all of the above and we are here to help. Once you’ve become a customer with us you become a lifelong friend. We’ll reach out to you regularly in order to see how everything is doing. We also provide free touch ups for life in case anything happens.